Breaking News: Case-Shiller Indices Up Again

THE GREAT HOUSING TURNAROUND! The numbers continue to confirm we’re on the road back, albeit a long road. But it’s not where you are in life, is it; it’s where you’re heading.
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U.S. home prices continued to increase in July, according to Case-Shiller, with its 20-city index up 1.6 percent from June and the 10-city index up 1.5 percent. The 10-city index rose to its highest  level since November 2010 and the 20-city index to the highest level since October 2010. Prices rose month-over-month in all of the 20 cities.
Year-over-year, the 10-city index was up 0.6 percent, and the 20-city index rose 1.2 percent.