Florida Moving Forward especially Tampa Bay – by Paul Langrock

Buyers Sellers street
We’re on the right road. We’re nearing arrival.
2014 was a solid year – the best in years. Unlike the aftermath of the Great Recession which was filled with fits & starts and oblique gaps in activity, we finally turned the corner last year. We sustained much more even growth and cruised to a healthier, near normal market. Welcomed momentum in ’15 continues and is driving us to the brightest outlook in years – especially for Pinellas county, and Palm Harbor in particular.

LOCALLY: Pinellas EXCELS at 2014’s close and ’15’s beginning. Pinellas home prices up 9.1%; Palm Harbor home prices increased in Dec. by 9.6%  in  Jan by 10.7% year-over-year!

TAMPA BAY: 2014 Home values increased 6.8% (6th highest U.S metro area gain!)

FLORIDA:  Home prices up 11.3% in 2014.