Everyone Thank The MILLENNIALS! Looks like the best housing year since 2007 – by Paul Langrock

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Freddie Mac Deputy Chief Economist Len Kiefer predicts, “…that the coming year would be the best for housing since 2007, immediately prior to the crash.” He expects the big boost to come from the pent-up demand of the “Millennials” (ages 25 to 34). This is supported be the National Association of Realtor’s second consecutive survey pointing to Millenennials who comprise double the Baby Boom bubble that marched through society. 80% of Millennial buyers see investing in a home as a good investment.
While the economy and jobs are not fully where they need to be, a recent Fannie Mae’s survey showed 54% of Americans responding that getting a mortgage is no longer problematic.
So it seems like horizon keeps getting brighter.
Paul Langrock  3/12/15