*Current Happenings in the Housing Market*

Home Price Expenses Climbing Three Times Faster Than Rents:

In the past year, home ownership expense of has climbed 14% versus a 4% rise to rent, per a new report by Realtor.com®, which is tipping the scale towards renting for the first time since 1999. So might there be a way for you to benefit from this development? Certainly. Read on….

How Move-Up Buyers Are Saving for Their Next Home:

“More investment property owners today are everyday homeowners renting out their current home to take advantage of rising rental rates and save for a bigger home,” CNBC reports. In a rising market it can make sense to not sell your house but rather rent it, buy that dream home while collecting premium rent. Lenders are, “… looking at the possibility of making more loans.” confirms Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors. “Several years ago, during the depths of the housing crisis, they would have been extremely strict. But now they are looking at the rental income as a mitigating factor for carrying two mortgages.” While we are in the real estate sales business, and not rentals, as one of your real estate resources we share all news that may help you make the best decisions for you and yours