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First step we suggest is a no-cost one: Neat & Clean, Light & Bright, Neutralize as much as possible, and less is best.
Second, we advise sellers to only spend on the have-to-dos, not the wanna-dos. As you don’t get back dollar for dollar for improvements. Should you choose to do more please be cost-conscious. Following are some low cost/high impact enhancements that’ll help you net top dollar.
The little things first: Aged/cracked electric cover plates & light switches, dated cabinet handles, tarnished doorknobs, hinges, faucets and the like. You’ll quickly see these low cost *high impact* tweaks perk-up your home for sale.
Paint Always paint or touch-up as needed. It has tremendous perceived value for the cost. You’ll proudly offer a lovingly cared-for home which implies you’ve taken good and timely care of the home’s “unseens”: maintenance, replacements, repairs, filters, etc. Check the front door and fixtures for a freshening up. A welcoming first impression sets a positive tone.
Defects Simple to do & a terrific Return-On-Investment. Fix & fill any few cracks or scratches; address chipped tiles, or perhaps a slight dripping faucet or a slightly squeaky door hinge, etc….
Indoor Plants For a low, low cost you can create a high value and homey, inviting affect. Additionally, the leaves filter and add freshness to your air. Indoor plants will transform your home’s ambiance. Choose low maintenance plants needing little light and medium watering for easy care for you. Here are a few: Pathos, Areca Palm, Peace Lilly, English Ivy, Shamrock Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Aechmea Bromeliads, Spider Plant, Snake Plant. We’re certain this will help quicken that transformation. Just ask plant-lover Paul.
Open Floor Plan – Addition by subtraction. This is big, but if needed, removing an existing wall, especially a Kitchen-Living room wall, or other room wall, is a great way to transform and modernize. It’s a high impact, spacious open update, and a super Return-On-Investment. Even in newer built homes, sometimes there is a wall (or half wall) that is sometimes perplexing why it is there. Of course, verify the wall’s not weight bearing & get competitive bids from licensed contractors.
Insulated Windows – These are now near the norm in Florida (especially hurricane impact) and they return energy savings to you on Day1. From an investment point of view, whenever it’s a higher ticket item, we suggest you plan to stay in your home a while longer (since it’s challenging to get dollar for dollar back) so you can enjoy some use-value before listing.
New Bathroom – Mitigate your cost. Work with the existing layout. Stay neutral. Bathroom (and kitchen) fashions quickly become dated. Oftentimes just adding inexpensive, yet appealing, items like beadboard paneling makes for a pleasant value touch to most rooms.
Kitchen – Don’t do…unless it’s a “have-to-do” and, again, you may want to considering living in your home a few more years before listing, as this is a high cost upgrade, and extremely difficult to get a dollar for dollar return – just ask any appraiser.

*So you decide what’s best for you. Our goal and our 20+ yrs experience is here to help you reach your goal – net top dollar.

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